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West Coast Ballet School pre-recorded workshops via Academy for Dance

We bring dance, flexibility & fitness training to you! Online courses for everyone. Beginner to advanced. Youth to Adult. Practice on your own time in your own space with expert instructors to take you to the next level. Academy for Dance is our initial online school now connected to West Coast Ballet School.

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how to find pointe shoes

Pointe Shoe Fitting

A mini-course that will help you find the perfect shoe! Coming soon.


flexibility training

Metabolic Stretching

Complete flexibility & fat burning program with Brian Klepacki

Just $29 >

burn fat with yoga

Yoga Burn

Get results w/ dynamic sequencing
with Zoe Bray-Cotton

Just $37 >

clean eating challenge

7 Day Sugar Detox

Fight inflammation & bloating with a 7-day detox & 4-week challenge.


belly dancer

Belly Dancing

Over 8 hours of step-by-step instruction w/ Mariella Monroe.

Just $47 >

pole dancing course

Pole Body

Curated by a former ballet dancer that has made exercise fun!

Just $47 >

online dance school

Dancer Photo by Jade Scarlato

About Us

My goal, above all, is to give EVERY dancer, and aspiring dancer, the opportunity to improve and grow. I aim to do this by making dance, flexibility, and related fitness training accessible anywhere, any time.

My students vary from adult beginners to pre-professional dancers and professional dancers. I have thousands of happy students that have been able to improve their technique and mobility from home.

We have busy working moms trying ballet for the first time as well as competitive dancers preparing for the next big event or performance.

All teachers are experts in their field and have hundreds if not, thousands of students worldwide.

This is a family-owned business (co-founded by professional ballet dancer Robbie Downey- that's me) that saw a need for accessible and affordable dance training. Not everyone can travel to the top schools and unfortunately, not everyone can be accepted to those schools. Travel and housing are expensive as are years of training at these facilities.

Take advantage of what I know and you can do it from the comfort of home. XO- Robbie